Home Gyms For Your Workouts

Home Gyms For Your Workouts

Home Gym

If you are committed to staying healthy and fit, nothing beats the convenience of working out in the privacy of your own gym. The best home gyms for your workouts should include some basic equipment such as a treadmill for cardio training, weight training equipment for strengthening your muscles and a mat for stretching and abdominal exercises. Choosing the best gear for your gym can be a daunting task. It’s important to review your goals to make sure the equipment suits your interests and fitness level.

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Home fitness gym reviews take into consideration issues such as your budget, available space and your fitness goals. If your budget is a concern, remember that the old adage directly applies to home fitness equipment: “You get what you pay for”. Consider your gym purchase an investment in your health.

Physical space – Do you have enough room? Consider that treadmills or single-station gyms take up only 30 sq. ft of home space whereas multi-station gyms can occupy 50-200 square feet.

Preferences – Review which types of activities you enjoy. If you want to stay fit, it’s important to stay motivated by choosing home exercise equipment that you will continue to use.

Cardio or Aerobic Equipment – The best home fitness equipment for cardiovascular workouts includes treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and rowing machines. A home gym should include one of these machines. All provide great physical conditioning benefits, burn fat and expend calories.

Strength Training Equipment – Budget conscious fitness buffs can start with an inexpensive set of free weights such as dumbbells or barbells. You can add better equipment to your gym as your budget and space allows. Review your options when considering the purchase of a gym machine. These multi-station or single-station weight machines are the ultimate for strength training. Home gyms can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $3000, so shop wisely.

Abdominal/Stretching Equipment – A good mat is about the only essential item you need to perform a number of stretching and abdominal exercises at home. Review some of the better ab machines such as ab swings, slides, rollers, exercise wheels, crunch boards, benches and sit-up bars to see if one is right for your gym.
By reviewing your budget, space availability and fitness needs you can narrow your choice when it comes to choosing the best equipment for home gyms. Test drive some of the equipment you are considering to purchase. Read reviews in consumer magazines and fitness publications. Once your gym is set up in your home, commit to use it regularly by allocating time for your workouts and stick to a daily routine.

Selecting A Strength Training System

Strength Training System

When we are considering the purchase of a piece of home workout equipment, the array of choices for equipping your home gym available can seem daunting, and have us wondering where to really start our search. While there are huge amounts of information available online regarding exercise equipment, it can be difficult to plough through, and so when an infomercial comes on our TV that is clear and interesting, it can seem that the choice has somehow been made for us! And while as seen on TV exercise equipment can offer us fantastic opportunities, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion on what we’ve seen on television.

There are some manufacturers of workout machines who specialize in infomercial advertising, so there are certain brands that you might tend to see lot on television. New home exercise products are often advertised on television too, in order to increase general awareness that something new has arrived on the market. While the choice of home exercise equipment that you will see on TV is good, it is wise to bear in mind that it is only a portion of what is available overall, and while as seen on TV workout equipment might receive great testimonials, there is other equipment available too that also receives rave reviews. Trusting the opinion of someone on the TV can be no more or less reliable than reading home gym reviews online or in a magazine, but do remember that an infomercial has been made by the manufacturer themselves, and is therefore not unbiased. If a piece of home exercise equipment does catch your eye on television, it is always a good idea to try to find some independent reviews, to find out what other users thought of all its specifications before you purchase it yourself for your workouts.

Unfortunately, it sometimes boils down to each individual’s personal preference, and there is always the chance that what another exerciser loves is not quite right for you. Try out a piece of home exercise equipment at your local gym or fitness centre before purchase if you can, and when reading reviews and watching TV, always remember to bear your own personal needs in mind. Don’t get swept away by the enthusiasm of television infomercials, and remember what is most important to you in your workouts.